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The sea is a unique, incredible and beautiful space. The main element that allows us to find a beach with clean and transparent water is Posidonia.

From Portadvisor, we try to preserve, maintain, care for and improve the environment, including maps with the Posidonia fields in the Balearic Islands to help vessels to anchor in sand without affecting or tearing those meadows.

About us

Portadvisor is the most complete App for Android and iOS, dedicated to show information and opinions on all ports and beaches in Spain. Find out everything the ports and beaches can offer you. Discover its facilities, its services, all the tourist and nautical companies located in the area and all the leisure that you can enjoy. We currently have information from Spain, France, Monaco and Portugal.

APP Features


Our point of support, thanks to them we can have a complete and always updated database, they have our full support and help us grow. In Portadvisor you can find detailed information, opinions and nearby points of interest, offered by each of the Ports, marinas and Yacht Clubs. Make the most of everything marinas can offer you.


The perfect complement for sea lovers, a place to find the most beautiful beaches and coves on the coast, with the opinions and photographs of other travelers. Find your ideal beach considering your location, the type of seabed, if there are beach bars, if dogs are allowed, the level of urbanization of the beach, and also recommendations for the approach and anchoring with your boat.


The fundamental element of the project. Our differential value will be in the opinions published in the platform, and in how other users make use of them. The application contains detailed information for all readers but users themselves will be the ones who create a content with more value. They will value both the marinas and the beaches under specific criteria to create a more complete opinion.


One of the main purposes of Portadvisor is to be able to unify and put in contact, companies and sea-lovers, it is the best way to complete the Portadvisor experience, discovering all the companies around each marinas and beach, from nautical companies, restaurants, charter, leisure... A wide range that will allow our users to try everything that the sea and its surroundings can offer.

The entire coast in your hands

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We are the platform that connects sea-lovers with companies in the nautical and leisure sector.
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Excluding VAT


Get your own space in Portadvisor for companies that work locally

  • Appear first in your nearest environment
  • Appear in all ports and beaches at 50km. around
  • Show your contact information
  • Offer your main services


Excluding VAT


Maximize your presence in Portadvisor and appear in 2 communities at once

  • Appear in multiple communities at once
  • Appear in all ports and beaches at 100km. around
  • Show your contact information and your main services
  • Send up to 2 Push Notifications per month


Excluding VAT


Ideal solution for those companies that work throughout the national territory

  • Appear in all the communities of a country
  • Appear in all ports and beaches of each community
  • Show your contact information and your main services
  • Send up to 4 Push Notifications per month

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